At Fuse Music:Song Lab students are guided through the journey of music with Mavie Marcos.  Mavie is a professional singer-songwriter with over 13 years experience touring the world with Billboard Chart topping songs. She first began her musical studies at the age of 4 with the Suzuki method.  She later studied more traditional piano methods as well as the unique techniques used in the Simply Music Piano Method. She began songwriting and competing as a young child, and brings her unique experience to her customized piano, voice, and electronic music production lessons.     At Fuse Music:Song Lab, she has created a music program specifically designed for kids that is not only fun, but teaches them how to become profound musicians and songwriters. Mavie's students leave her lessons feeling more confident, victorious, and eager to pursue his or her musical aspirations. 

 Please scroll down to see some of Mavie's music videos with the pop-electronic band Andain.