Piano Improvisation for the youngest musician

(Suggested ages: 4-7 yrs)

Here, students are guided through a program called "Play A Story."

All musicians can begin the journey towards identifying their own musical personality through improvisation on the piano. This is why “Play a Story” is great for the youngest of musicians. In each Lesson, a scene from a story is depicted. This inspires the student’s creative side, and each story scene is accompanied by a set of simple motifs; short musical ideas. The motif is the foundation of every project, enabling the student to connect to the interpretive centers of his or her brains, establishing pathways toward a truly creative musical experience. From here, in the same way that words become sentences and conversations, each motif is interpreted, developed, combined and explored across the piano... retelling the story in music. This type of ground-up, organic improvisation produces music that is rich, layered, honest, complex, and fluent. In many ways it is just like giving your child a voice to speak his or her own language.

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Play a story takes place in 30 minute sessions on saturday mornings. Session I: 10-10:30 am, Session II: 10:40-11:10 am, session III: 11:15-11:45 am. please call for information on weekday play a story sessions.